Chris Cross

Kris KrossMO: Kris Kross…our very own Sid…

EST: where is he now?

SSK: Died from an illness a few years ago. Lovely person rip Chris.

LS: Chris passed away in October 2010. Link to some photos he had on Myspace:

HB: Now that’s a name i haven’t heard for a long time. Sorry to hear he’s passed on.

LS: I didn’t know him very well, even though he was engaged for a time to one of my closest friends. Just remember he was very sweet, hugely talented and actually quite domestic as I recall. Swear I have memories of him cooking. Could be a memory bork though.

MS: He was indeed a real sweetheart. I shared a house with him for a while in his Bedhog days. Not only did he cook but he was the perfect housemate as he never made a mess and was diligent about housework. The house rang with his melodic bass playing and his favourite Stiff Little Fingers album. I don’t think he was yet 50 when he died. Too young, so sad.

MO: I didn’t know either, really sad when he was so young.

AT: he used to come around to our place in Sherbrooke st>nice guy>hehe he did a few naughty things but didn’t we all

LS: Yep, we did.

PK: he acted all hard core but was a good bloke when you got to know him

VG: we could say that about all of us…

Dropbears’ Fun Loving was a limited edition, 7″ vinyl released in 1982. This was the original line-up: Johnny Batchelor, Chris Toms (aka Chris Cross) and Simon Rudlin. the film was shot at The Compound in Darlinghurst, Sydney.

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