TN: Does anyone remember Chrissy who used to dance up the front all the time..she was an older hippy type lady ? For some reason I always think of her when i think of French’s. Wonder where she is now ?

LS: Yes !!! I was thinking about her the other day IF we’re discussing the same person. OR was it Annie ? Long dark wavy hair, very sweet, lots of silver jewellery, bracelets etc.

TN: I always thought it was might have been annie. She was older than we were

TN: Sounds like the same person.

LS: Yes, much older. Lovely woman. Quite a few of my more direct crowd at the time would recall her well. Lets see who wades in with more memories.

LS: Some sort of memory that she defined herself as a white witch or something.

TN: Not sure . I remember thinking she was old to be dancing up the front of bands …nowdays thats me

CM: I think you right Liza

AT: I’m pretty sure I saw her up in Nimbin, which makes sense somehow.

LS: Now now. From my perspective we had quite a lot of delightful odd characters on the fringe that wouldn’t fit any definable average at the time. Beautiful thing that they were able to make themselves at home without concern for any perceived ‘constraints’ of status quo. Interesting that in defining ‘status quo’ during my specific time frame that the punks/skins/mods/rockers/nameyour poison were in fact the standard. In a twisted way it’s kind of amusing.

AT: So true

TN: I admired her – she danced like stevie nicks. Now i’m old and i dance up the front I get it.

TN: I don’t dance like stevie nicks though …dance like a crazed person.

AT: Up the front, right on !

TN: The only place to be

RD: She is almost my only recollection of french’s , can see here dance style in my minds eye now!

BS: Chrissie who used to do the door at the Funhouse?

RD: Funhouse?. The place with the humongous nose ?

BS: Oxford Tavern just up the road from French’s. Chrissie did the door and she lived in that street behind Oxford St opposite French’s. So it sounds like her.

CM: Did she wear a white cotton dress??

TN: She wore lots of stuff, real hippy gear.

CM: I know who we talking about now, God my brain is missing some cells. she did be at Fun House..I was always impressed she got stuck right in in the den of iniquity!

NK: Yes, I remember her dancing to our band….when no one else would/could. Quite a spirit.

PS: Wendy has photos of her Neil ….the lone dancer

MM: The only Chrissy I remember who was also older than me/us was an artist (painter) ,who danced up front as well and had long ringlets of blond hair? A woman of few words but always had the best gear.

WJ: Hippies were invisible to real punks,maybe that’s why I didn’t notice her , give me a Black mohair jumper, a pink tutu and a pair of docks and it doesn’t matter who’s wearing them, I can see that and I’m theirs, ha. ps maybe she was like the Phantom of Frenchs’ and every one who saw her saw something different, I’m sure Frenchs’ was Haunted now that I come to think of it, I bet those photos are pretty spookey

TN: I think she was an artist.

DS: I think so. Did she have really curly hair & a big smile?

TN: She might have. she was super friendly. she had really long hair. she just seemed to be there all the time ..unlike myself

SR: I noticed her. She waved her hands in the air, in a hippy kinda way, but never cared genre of band… She was having a good time, so nobody bothered her, but we never really met

PK: Yeah, blond hair!! Kind too all, swirling dervishes dance style with excess hand waving, really nice lady

MM: I remember her from 1977 to 1979 which is the time I spent there after 1979 I moved in different circles and spent more time in Melbourne than Sydney.

DW: Acquaintances always referred to the dancer as “Artist Chick Chris” nice person. Chris had straightish long blonde hair.

PL I clearly remember Chrissy. She was a regular, mid to late 70s. I bought her a few drinks. Tried to dance with her but she would turn her back on me. Though she would dance with women.

RD She wore multi coloured clothes, mismatched, and turned up at all sorts of concerts and venues, always dancing in her own way, just having fun.

DPM: Chrissie was a lovely woman and fabulous dancer. She and I were both artists but very different. I lost track of her after the Funhouse was closed down. Never saw her when I lived in the far north…she was a great spirited soul. Does anyone know where she is now?

MM: I remember her, danced with her, smoked lots of joints with her, but have no idea where she is now. Wherever she is now, I hope she is happy. Xoxo