Michael Blackhead

12308494_10208544018982838_1654020949723542727_nDCGS: Michael

CM: I remember him.

DCGS: me too, hope he’s ok.

RR: Zippers & Gloves.

GW: Remember the head not the name

MS: Operated ICE in Darlinghurst. With Ian Hartley in the 80s

CM: Institute of Contemporary Events. I saw a Slawomir Mrozek ‘s play there. Then they moved on to the Chauvel cinema.

DCGS: He used to live in Darley St

MS: Only knew him as Michael. He was a big intense guy didn’t say much

Michael BlackheadBC: Photo by Kay Glass taken at Rags (aka Chequers, Goulburn St) in 1979.

KG: Michael and Steven

JH: I remember the fellow in this picture. Although I used to see him around Darlinghurst in the 1980’s a few years after this photo was taken as he looked a trifle older. Always wore black and always seemed to be on his own. I did have some conversations with him. He seemed to me like a deep thinker . Always seemed to consider before speaking From memory I think he worked at Chauvel Cinema. Nice guy and an interesting character. One of the many around the area in those days.

IS: This is Michael Blackhead, in my recollection. Please tell me he’s ok…

SW: he is. i see him around.