Jamie Jetson

Jamie Jetson, French'sPA: Jamie?

AD: Yep Jamie Jetson

AT: yeah Jamie Jetson great name and wow what a handful…….

JR:┬áJamie/James Jetson? First time I met her she was taking photos of a band at French’s. Lived in large squats, I think Palmer St, with a family, partner Aaron (?)

MS: I recall her living in Kings X. I worked in the photo lab that processed all her pix. Now that would be a collection to get online!

KW: Anyone remember the lovely Jamie, rumour has it a couple of boys next door songs are about her!

JR: Sure I do – Jamie Jetson (Julie Curlette)

KW: shivers was written about her

BS: Shivers wasn’t written about Jamie. For a start the Young Charlatans recorded the song before she even came to Australia. But… in a perfect world…

Jamie JetsonKW: she was fantastic

JR: First time I saw Jamie she was at French’s taking photos of some band. The last time she was at my house in Woolloomooloo making what she called ‘salad’ in a large mixing bowl. We had no salad in the house, didn’t have a fridge. I did have a collection of herbs though. That was the salad. Another time outside Matthew Talbot’s talking to the old fellas, having a few drinks. She was beautiful, probably still is. Jamie had some great photos eg. with the Cure and Brian Ferry. Lost contact when I moved away.

RJTB: I met Jamie Curlett in Auckland in 1978 when she was in the Idle Idols with Paul Gibbs. I left NZ to travel to London late 1978. I never knew she went to Sydney.

Jamie Jetson Jamie Jetson

Jamie Jetson Jamie Jetson