Chicken Holder posterPISSANT!
A Story of 80’s Australian Underground.
“The Australian music scene during the 80’s could be split into just two categories: mainstream and underground … The notion of the underground being taken seriously by the mainstream or perceived as any kind of a threat was still several years away.”

A film by Des Devlin about late 1970s punk subculture in Sydney, Australia
Free DVD download:


A Biased History of Australian Rock, by Bob Blunt.
“It’s a messy, honest slice of Australian music history, a collection of tales from a time when anyone could start a band, play a few nights at a dirty hotel and stagger home feeling good about it all.”


Robynne HaywardRobynne Hayward
Online portfolio of photographs.
Images 15-17 and 27-32 in Folio “Bands and Pubs in Sydney 1978”.


1001 Australian Nights1001 Australian Nights
Dave Graney’s memoir, “a journey about self-discovery. As a young man fired up by punk rock he sets off on a road-trip from small-town Australia, outside of life and looking for a way in.” French’s comes up on page 25.


Sydney Mirror. Image by Vanessa BerrySydney Post-Punk
An album of Sydney encounters by Vanessa Berry. Places unusual, overlooked, hidden and secret.


Walk of FameRock-n-Roll Walk of Fame-n-Shame
Sydney City Council produced a series of walks around its council area, including this one that focuses on music venues, including French’s.
Rock-n-Roll Walk Of Fame-n-Shame


History of Australian Music 1960 Until NowHistory of Australian Music from 1960 Until Now
Information on a LOT of Australian bands, including many that played at French’s.


French's 1979French’s 1979 Run 1
A few minutes of what French’s sounded like on a weekend night between band sets in early 1979.


Australia's New TribesAustralia’s New Tribes/ Tribes of Sydney
Part of ABC Documentary dated 5/4/1984: Features footage of Kero, Henry (“Skinheads Australia” t-shirt), Collin Pill, Clinton Walker, Carol (Box of Fish) and Radio Birdman.


Stations of the XStations of the X
Helmsie remembers the notorious benny’s and the manzil room through an 80s drug haze.


Divinyls - TemperamentalDivinyls – Temperamental
Recorded in 1987 with the late Chrissie Amphlett of The Divinyls. Opens with a shot of French’s and covers much of the time, area and music.


Never met a copOutside French’s
“I haven’t met a decent cop, man, never.” Punter interviewed by Toby Zoates outside French’s wine bar, Sydney, 1980/81. © Toby Zoates.


Toby ZoatesToby the Punk Poofy Cat
A Punk’s Night Out in Auz. Anarcho-adventurer, queer scientist, cyberpunk pagan freak, vision questing artist ruminates.


Inner City Sound bookInner City Sound
Punk and post-punk in Australia – 1976-1985, a book by Clinton Walker (and an accompanying CD): “The Inner City Sound is a distinct movement towards an Australian rock of its own invention and identity.”


Inner City SoundInner City Sound
Inspired by Clinton Walker’s book, this is a swap site for ” people who were there, somewhere between 1975 and 1984, or those who have rediscovered this era of great music.” Good band list.


product45Product 45
Focuses on the years 1976-1980 and showcases single cover art from the Australian punk/post punk era. This is the first book in a series of three that looks at the art of packaging Australian music as told by the musicians, the artists and the fans (description by Craig Barman).


Violet HamiltonViolet Hamilton
Violet Hamilton was an artist and photographer whose work captured both a unique time in the social history of Sydney, and the birth of Australian rock and roll.


Sydney Punk SceneThe Early Sydney Punk Scene
Documentary about the early Punk scene in and around Sydney Australia.