Chicken Holder posterPISSANT!
A Story of 80’s Australian Underground.
“The Australian music scene during the 80’s could be split into just two categories: mainstream and underground … The notion of the underground being taken seriously by the mainstream or perceived as any kind of a threat was still several years away.”

A film by Des Devlin about late 1970s punk subculture in Sydney, Australia
Free DVD download:


A Biased History of Australian Rock, by Bob Blunt.
“It’s a messy, honest slice of Australian music history, a collection of tales from a time when anyone could start a band, play a few nights at a dirty hotel and stagger home feeling good about it all.”


Robynne HaywardRobynne Hayward
Online portfolio of photographs.
Images 15-17 and 27-32 in Folio “Bands and Pubs in Sydney 1978”.


1001 Australian Nights1001 Australian Nights
Dave Graney’s memoir, “a journey about self-discovery. As a young man fired up by punk rock he sets off on a road-trip from small-town Australia, outside of life and looking for a way in.” French’s comes up on page 25.


Sydney Mirror. Image by Vanessa BerrySydney Post-Punk
An album of Sydney encounters by Vanessa Berry. Places unusual, overlooked, hidden and secret.


Walk of FameRock-n-Roll Walk of Fame-n-Shame
Sydney City Council produced a series of walks around its council area, including this one that focuses on music venues, including French’s.
Rock-n-Roll Walk Of Fame-n-Shame


History of Australian Music 1960 Until NowHistory of Australian Music from 1960 Until Now
Information on a LOT of Australian bands, including many that played at French’s.


French's 1979French’s 1979 Run 1
A few minutes of what French’s sounded like on a weekend night between band sets in early 1979.


Australia's New TribesAustralia’s New Tribes/ Tribes of Sydney
Part of ABC Documentary dated 5/4/1984: Features footage of Kero, Henry (“Skinheads Australia” t-shirt), Collin Pill, Clinton Walker, Carol (Box of Fish) and Radio Birdman.


Stations of the XStations of the X
Helmsie remembers the notorious benny’s and the manzil room through an 80s drug haze.


Divinyls - TemperamentalDivinyls – Temperamental
Recorded in 1987 with the late Chrissie Amphlett of The Divinyls. Opens with a shot of French’s and covers much of the time, area and music.


Never met a copOutside French’s
“I haven’t met a decent cop, man, never.” Punter interviewed by Toby Zoates outside French’s wine bar, Sydney, 1980/81. © Toby Zoates.


Toby ZoatesToby the Punk Poofy Cat
A Punk’s Night Out in Auz. Anarcho-adventurer, queer scientist, cyberpunk pagan freak, vision questing artist ruminates.


Inner City Sound bookInner City Sound
Punk and post-punk in Australia – 1976-1985, a book by Clinton Walker (and an accompanying CD): “The Inner City Sound is a distinct movement towards an Australian rock of its own invention and identity.”


Inner City SoundInner City Sound
Inspired by Clinton Walker’s book, this is a swap site for ” people who were there, somewhere between 1975 and 1984, or those who have rediscovered this era of great music.” Good band list.


product45Product 45
Focuses on the years 1976-1980 and showcases single cover art from the Australian punk/post punk era. This is the first book in a series of three that looks at the art of packaging Australian music as told by the musicians, the artists and the fans (description by Craig Barman).