Little Bob

JS: Who was that bloke who looked like Charlie Manson who use to pick up empties and glasses. I’m sure he was mute.

DW: Jeremy, his name was Bob, or Little Bob. He was there very late 70s to early 80s, I knew him but never worked with him. He did cleaning, took deliveries and collected glasses, a very timid guy, it was his life being there, it must have been just before Liza, I do remember him.

EG: Little Bob lived behind Frenches; sometimes it was arranged I would have to meet him and get the key and for him lets in to get our band the gear the next day. One day he he invited me in for coffee. Never forget that tiny flat – two rooms. He had three cats and kitty litter filled to bring and that was Ok , but every corner of room was video tapes … I said …”man you have a lot videos”. He explained that he taped all the news shows 6pm and 9pm and has done since for 5 years. I asked why, he just just shrugged his shoulders … and remained silent.

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