Eddie Waage

BT: Also remember having a long drunken conversation at the upstairs bar with some bloke from Finland who spoke no english and I spoke no Finnish… we rattled on to each other for ages using a combination of charades and pidgeon euro drivel – remarkable how much we could understand of each other in the circumstances.

LS: You mean Eddie Waage, wait no Eddie was Icelandic.

BT: Maybe he was from Iceland …It was long ago and I was quite drunk at the time … or perhaps we had no idea what the other was really saying.

LS: Eddie was the Artist who shared the Dawn of Loki art exhibition with Waen Jensen that we hosted at our warehouse space in the city. Tall thin dude, cool f**ked up hair.

JN: If he had a Russian star tattoo on his arm that was Eddie. Also known as Eddie Nouveau. I lived with And drank with Eddie for a couple of years. He was often speaking English when he was drunk but his accent was so thick no one could understand him. Because I had hung with him for so many beers I could translate for him. People thought I could speak Icelandic but I was just talking international drunk. And so we progressed.

LS: He used to make me laugh, remember what he told the CES when they tried to make him work?

LS: He could ‘enhance’ his own accent as you are so incredibly aware, turned it on & told them “I am a seal hunter, I only hunt the sealssss”.

MG: I remember some crazy Icelander went by the name a Eddie.. best looking dude in black around at the time.. along with your ol’ mate Waen, another great guy … I was so much in awe of you guys and very grateful that you included me in that artshow at the Liverpool St (?) warehouse – my first display in Sydney.

BT: I remember Eddie mostly from the The Trade Union Club … he was a sweetie to us! Where is he now?

WJ: Dear Eddie, have wondered alot over the decades, he was into certain substances which at the time I thought he controlled very well but that’s a relative statement, wish him well where ever he is?

LS: I do recall Eddy refused to sell originals, his work were all high grade photo copies mounted on black board.

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